About Me

I started my current health journey in 2017, shortly before moving to Austin, TX to help my best friend (Jonathan Mendoza) start a new wellness lounge. Given that he had helped me understand health in a whole new way, a way that made sense, I knew that dedicating my time and energy to change the way people do and understand health would not be a fruitless effort.

Since then we've created a wellness lounge & clinic (MSW Lounge), a high-quality supplement line that focuses on the liver (Slenderella), a consulting group, and a podcast (How Do You Health?). Our focus has always been education first, backed by science and research, and keeping things easily accessible.  We're proud to be disrupting the health norm. 

I started health and lifestyle coaching shortly after receiving my 200-HR Yoga Teaching Certification at Wanderlust in March of 2017. A need to take on some health appointments arose as we became busier and we (Jon) got to deal with time constraint issues we didn't want to just turn people away. I gladly took on the responsibility as I myself went from not really knowing anything about health, to being able to even consult health professionals that had been practicing for years. 

Before my current health journey started, I had been an athlete, but all I really knew was to train as much as possible but knew nothing about rest, or proper diet to maximize performance, or really anything about hormones, or vitamins, or meditation. I couldn't even bend over to touch my toes. After an injury, my health journey really began with yoga and educating myself, with Jon's help, about nutrition and all the beauty of the body and bio-chemistry. At this point I've done yoga every single day since June 2016, and I added meditation and visualization to my daily routine in 2018. 

Now on my free time, when I'm not working with someone, you can usually find me at the yoga studio, trying new diets, new vitamin combinations, and doing as much self-research as possible. It's a hobby, a passion, a love, and I'm lucky to say, what I get to do to make a living. 

As far as the photography, I just love to experience life,  I have other goals you can ask me about, and I try to capture the way I felt when I pointed my camera at that something that was sure to have inspired me in one way or another. 

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer on this site and I encourage you to please send requests and opinions on how I can make it a better experience for you. 

Much Love,


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